Sunday, June 3, 2007

Russia Becomes a Patent Troll

This just in! Patent trolling is no longer just restricted to leech companies who don't feel the need to contribute to the economy or society in any meaningful way. Now countries can play a part in this lucrative yet highly unethical market as well.

Russia is now demanding licensing fees for the manufacture and sale of AK-47 firearms.

Never mind the fact that the AK-47 has been around for over 60 years, whereas patent protection in most industrialized nations, including Russia if I'm not mistaken, is limited to 20 years. Also, let's just ignore the fact that it was the Soviet Union, not Russia, that invented this weapon, which would make Russia's claims against former SU member states ridiculous, and probably invalid.

Looks like extorting money when your cash situation is imploding isn't only limited to companies like the SCO Group and Silicon Graphics Inc anymore.

Side-note: I don't support the proliferation of weapons. I'm merely looking at this from an "Intellectual Property" point of view.


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