Wednesday, May 2, 2007

America Tries to Shove IP Law Down Canada's Throat

Here we go again, imperialist United States (or the American Empire....can't decide which one sounds better....) is trying to force other countries into line and subject them to US law, despite the fact that no country in the world is subject to US law except for the US itself. This time around, the United States wants to subject us Canadians to their onerous and ridiculous "Intellectual Property" laws. Of course, if Canada ever tried to push its laws onto the United States, they would tell us to go fly a kite (to put it nicely).

The United States and major corporations such as Apple and Microsoft try to blur the issue by using the word "counterfeiting", however, counterfeiting falls under trademark law and their primary complaints seem to be about our copyright law. One of theirs and the movie industry's primary complaints is about cam-cording legislation (yes, because we all know the vast majority of people would rather watch a crappy cam job on their computer screen than go to the theatre), claiming that over 50% of cam-jobs come from Canada, and that Canada is a "haven for pirates". Of course, under scrutiny, their claims fall to pieces.

Canadian law already forbids the sale or distribution of copyrighted content without a license, which includes cam-jobs, and, if I'm not mistaken, has more severe punishment against infringers than the United States (the fines are larger). Also, many aspects of Canadian copyright law are more strict than American law. For instance, Canada's "fair dealing" provision of the Copyright Act is much more limited than "fair use", the American counterpart.

Furthermore, data released by the very organization (the MPAA) that is harping on Canada contradicts the data used by the United States to push for stricter Canadian "Intellectual Property" laws.

Ironically enough, as pointed out in the previously linked Michael Geist article, the MPAA points to Canadian law which already forbids cam-cording of copyrighted content.


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