Friday, May 4, 2007

Lawyer Stands up to RIAA Bullies

I just read a post on "Recording Industry vs. The People" about a lawyer from Athens that has decided to help students push back against the RIAA if they are targeted in Columbus Federal Court.

From the Article:

“I have a soft spot for these David vs. Goliath battles and an interest in helping people facing a bully — which I view the recording industry project (to catch file-sharers) as being,” Hazelbaker said. “Our offer to (take these cases) is filling a vacuum that exists in Athens.”
He has agreed to consult with students free-of-charge, and depending on the student's situation, probably wouldn't bill the student for representation (which is reasonable, considering he probably doesn't want to represent a filthy-rich student for free).

With the legal back-lash against the RIAA, and the RIAA's flawed methods of tracking down file-sharers, there are serious questions as to whether the RIAA should be permitted to engage in "drift-net" litigation against thousands upon thousands of file sharers, potentially bankrupting innocent, wrongly-accused people and wasting tax-payers' dollars in the process.


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