Tuesday, May 8, 2007

CNN Relinquishes Restrictions on Debate Footage

Even though I'm Canadian, the "goings on" of the United States still affect many aspects of my life since the economy and policies of my country are so closely entwined with those of the United States. In-fact, like many Canadians, I'm guilty of often paying closer attention to American politics than Canadian politics!

Which is why I'm happy to read that CNN has agreed to release all Presidential Debate footage under a Creative Commons license (CNN Press Release). This comes amidst increasing pressure from Presidential Candidates, Bloggers and others alike for the debate footage to be freely licensed royalty free.

MSNBC's recent copyright restrictions on debate footage (which started this grassroots campaign for free licensing), while purely done to exert control for reasons of greed, essentially placed a barrier between the public and the presidential race instead of encouraging them to take part, which is what should happen in a democracy.

So hats off to CNN for doing the right thing! On behalf of my neighbours to the south (who I hope don't mind me speaking on their behalf this once): Thank you!


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