Thursday, May 10, 2007

Links for May 10, 2007

MPAA Math: 40% Plus 70% Equals?

Ah, the MPAA and its ability to simply make up numbers continues. Last week, we noted that the MPAA was claiming that New York City was where 40% of camcorded movies came from, following earlier claims that 50% came from Canada. However, now that NYC has passed a law with tougher crimes for camcording (note this last passed just last week), apparently, the MPAA can now shift its numerical focus to Canada.
Uri Geller Not Just Taking Down Critical Videos, But Suing As Well
A follow up to yesterday's story about the EFF suing Uri Geller for abusing the DMCA to takedown a video critical of Geller by claiming it contained 3 seconds of footage that Geller owns the copyright to (out of a total run time of about 15 minutes). Turns out that the Geller's company had actually gone beyond simply sending a DMCA takedown notice to actually suing the person it believes made the critical film in the first place.
Senate Bill Aims to Save Music Webcasters
A Senate companion to the "Internet Radio Equality Act" has now been introduced and could help save music webcasting.
Vonage: we've got a workaround for Verizon patents
In the course of reporting its quarterly earnings today, Vonage let it be known that it was "weeks" away from deploying a workaround for two of the Verizon patents it was found to have infringed upon.
OECD The Latest To Show Lobbyists Exaggerate Losses Due To Piracy/Counterfeiting
Earlier this week we noted that the latest GAO report found that industry estimates of the impact of counterfeiting and piracy on the economy were greatly exaggerated, and now the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has come out with a similar report.


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