Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Random Links

I'm falling behind really bad here on the stories I want to blog about (hence the ugliness of my last post on Verizon)! I've got hundreds of stories to sift through in my Google Reader account, and I also have other things I need to get done today, so I'm just going to link to some stories that I find interesting and let others do the talking.

New Bill to give bloggers same shield law protection as journalists

The House of Representatives has amended the Free Flow of Information Act of 2007 to include provisions to protect bloggers from being required to divulge their sources under certain situations in the same way as journalists.

Mooninites, meet the Terrorist Hoax Improvements Act

The Senate has introduced a bill intended to include harsher penalties for being involved in terrorist-like hoaxes. The problem, however, is that it seems to lack a point.

Warner Brothers Pulls Canadian Previews

A number of readers let us know that Reuters and others are reporting that Warner Brothers is canceling movie previews in Canadian theaters, starting with Oceans Thirteen.

Microsoft disputes attorney fees in Iowa, Wisconsin cases

Microsoft disputes attorney charges in Iowa and Wisconsin settlements, requests additional information on billing after suspicions of double-billing arise.

Can't Use The Name Of The Library Of Congress When Doing What It Should Be Doing

arper pointed out that Washington Watch could be a better way to follow and understand new legislative proposals than the Library of Congress' own THOMAS system. Apparently, the Library of Congress took offense at this and demanded that Harper stop using its name.

Old Media Declares War on New Media, Doesn’t Want You to Enjoy Tech on Your Terms

Shock: several “old media” companies—the likes of Time Warner, Viacom and News Corp.—now view “new media” companies like Google as direct threats to their livelihoods. In essence, “old media” wants you to stop having fun using the Internet

EFF to psychic: There will be a DMCA abuse suit in the near future

Psychic Uri Geller wasn't happy with criticism of his "powers" popping up on YouTube, so he filed a takedown notice. The problem was that he doesn't own the video, and the EFF has now filed a lawsuit against him for DMCA abuse.


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