Monday, May 21, 2007

Bush Sticks Head in Sand, Defends Gonzales

President Bush is once again sticking his head into the sand, ignoring the facts and blindly supporting his lapdog erm... whoops, I mean Attorney-General Alberto Gonzales, saying he has done nothing wrong despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

Ignoring questionable hospital visits, the NSA spying debacle, the questionable firing of 8 federal prosecutors, amongst other things, Bush likens the push by democrats to hold a no-confidence vote to kick Gonzales out of office as "pure political theater". (Update: Me being a Canadian is shining through. Apparently this would be a simply symbolic vote. In Canada, a no-confidence vote is used to kick the PM out of office).

Bush is either incredibly stubborn or simply dumb as a door-knob, because to me this is the Democrats trying to uphold the constitution and the law.

I'm not sure why I'm even posting this though, it's not like Bush has any shred of credibility remaining at this point. He lies so often I doubt he even realizes he is doing it anymore.


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