Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Giuliani Attacked For Abortion Stance; Excuse Me For Not Caring

The Washington Post has an article about fellow republicans attacking former New York mayor and presidential candidate Giuliani over his pro-abortion stance.

I have to ask: why are they wasting their time arguing about this? Abortion has been legal for years, and I simply don't see it once again becoming illegal. Isn't there more important things for the republicans to be arguing about, such as the Iraq war, global warming, health care, etc etc? You know, things that are actually going to matter to most voters.

Once again, politicians get wrapped up over the little things while missing the big picture. Not only that, but if abortion becomes illegal once again, America will simply go back to the old days where abortions still occurred but were done by people without proper training on a street corner (this is of course a slight exaggeration, I'm sure the illegal abortions would be done in-doors).


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