Tuesday, May 15, 2007

US Army Bans Youtube...Immediately Becomes Hypocrite

The US Army has banned the use of Youtube (along with many other sites such as MySpace), yet at almost the exact same time, announced that it has created its own channel on Youtube. They clearly don't want people to know how bad the Iraq war is really going, and are censoring it in the name of "security".

The Department of Defense has a growing concern regarding our unclassified DoD Internet, known as the NIPRNET. The Commander of DoD's Joint Task Force, Global Network Operations has noted a significant increase in the use of DoD network resources tied up by individuals visiting certain recreational Internet sites.

The sites blocked include Myspace, Youtube, MTV, Blackplanet , photobucket, live365, hi5.com, pandora.com, 1.fm, and other sites.
You'd think that the army would try to utilize Youtube, MySpace and other content and social networking sites to help the troops over there endure their extended stays. Youtube can be used for family videos, and MySpace and Flickr can be used for communication between a soldier and his/her family.

However, what is most ironic is that the US military has now launched its own Youtube channel!
Its 25 brief clips include footage of US soldiers firing at unseen snipers in Baghdad, handing out footballs to Iraqi children and rescuing an Iraqi family injured by an explosive device.
Of course you won't see them showing Small Business owners that have had their shops blown up, kids with missing limbs from US bombing of Baghdad, or anything that would portray the Iraq war in a bad light. Lord knows, now that Soldiers' abilities to present their views of the war is restricted, the Army, to avoid being biased, will cover the war objectively.

Oh, and pigs are going to fly as well.

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