Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Great Interview at Google With John McCain

I watched a video on Youtube that was shot at Google recently as part of their "Authors@Google" program where they invite famous authors to speak at Google (note: in-case you don't know, John McCain has written 6 books). I normally wouldn't bother posting videos from Google on my Blog since Google's talks normally are highly technical in nature and this isn't a tech blog for the most part, but this video mainly talked about issues that are on every one's minds these days, not just issues restricted to the "technically elite".

While I don't agree with a lot of McCain's policies and ideals, I do respect the man as he says what's on his mind and is straight-forward, unlike Mr. Bush who likes to obfuscate a lot of the stuff he talks about. However, I was not impressed with his answers when one of the people in the audience pressed him on gays and lesbians in the military, citing specific examples where the policy against them being in the military has caused harm to America's (and thus Canada's by extension) security, and McCain completely sidestepped the issue and offloaded the blame for any bad policies on the leaders in the military.

I'll admit that up until this talk I barely paid attention to McCain due to his "let's stay in Iraq" policy, but after watching this video, I see that he has actual reasons for staying in Iraq (I'll still have to disagree with him on this though, as I think the reasons for America getting out of Iraq outweigh his reasons for staying in) unlike President Bush, who has a habit of making stuff up to get his way. (WMDs in Iraq, anybody?)

I must admit that an incredibly good hour was spent watching this. You can watch the video below (just make sure you have some time to watch it, as it is quite long).


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