Saturday, May 5, 2007

Just laying in bed...

Just laying in bed and decided to post to my blog (how sad is that???), but I don't really have all that much that is interesting to say. I did come across a rather....interesting article though, titled: Fla. teens charged for peeing in apple juice

As a kid I did a lot of dumb things (as I'm sure most kids have), but this is a new one to me! Kind of clever (in a disturbing way of course). I do think expulsion and criminal charges are going overboard though for something that is so obviously a juvenile prank. Even the unlucky individual who bought and (unfortunately for him) drank the juice feels that this is going too far. Detention and community service would suffice me-thinks.

Anyways, starting a new label for completely random posts such as this that stray from the areas I normally post on. I shall call it..... random!


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